Slide Raise your Chalice, Enjoy your Wealth, Grow as One. Welcome to NFT Kings

Buy your NFT Kings Crown passes to access exclusive Discord group

About NFT Kings

Welcome to NFT Kings

Only 5000 NFT Kings Crown Passes available meaning only a max of 5000 investors in the group possible.

NFT Kings Crown Pass entitles the owner access to this highly exclusive NFT Kings Discord group. NFT Kings opens up a world of riches and wealth seen by few

The Kings will use a large percentage of Crown Pass sales to create a King’s Chest or Dao…

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Welcome to the World's First PrizeMap.
This is a PrizeMap laid out exclusively for the NFT Kings members. Some of the many perks to being a King!
  • 10% Crown Pass sales

    Weekly Winner 1 ETH Highest Crown Holder for 1 year

  • 20% Crown Pass sales

    Rolex Sea Dweller Giveaway $15k USD value

  • 30% Crown Pass sales

    $20k USDT Giveaway

  • 40% Crown Pass sales

    Ducati Giveaway $40k USD value

  • 50% Crown Pass sales

    1 BTC Giveaway

  • 60% Crown Pass sales

    $50k USDT Giveaway

  • 70% Crown Pass sales

    BAYC, BAKC, MAYC Giveaway

  • 80% Crown Pass sales

    $100k USDT Giveaway

  • 90% Crown Pass sales

    Ferrari Giveaway $250k USD value

  • 100% Crown Pass sales

    Punk Giveaway

Disclaimer: Prize order may vary depending on NFTs and BTC pricing

Welcome to the most exclusive club in the NFT realm - NFT Kings!
NFT Kings consists of investors, whales and VIPs. A place to invest, share ideas, connect, grow together
and amass wealth from the rapidly growing NFT space of digital art, digitalized music and so much more.
  • Marketing

    NFT Kings Marketing Blitz

  • VIp

    Increase in VIPs Onboarding

  • NFT Artists

    NFT Artists Exclusive works for NFT Kings

  • Partnership

    Partnership Developments

  • Kings Coin Creation and Liquidity

    Snapshot for all Kings Crown holders, NFT King Team will have an amount of Kings Coin allocated to add to a Liquidity Pool
    *Tokenomics and further details coming soon

  • NFT marketplace

    Integration with Decentralized NFT marketplace

  • Buy/Swap

    Buy/Swap function with NFTs and Kings Coin

  • NFT Chariot Drop

    Quarterly NFT Chariot Drop

  • Celebration

    Annual NFT Kings Celebration

Top Secret Roadmap Addition Details not given so we are not frontrun
by others. Top Secret hints coming with giveaways for those who guess correctly.